Although The Communicator calls Shelley theirs, she is our Friend and she has published her first book and let us host her first book signing.  I have attached (with permission from The Communicator) the article E.M. Murray wrote about the event and a few pictures.  If you would like to learn more about Shelley's book Hiking for the Couch Potato or would like to order one for yourself or a loved one, visit her website at  Here is the link to The Communicator's article

Communicator's Gillespie signs first book
E. M. Murray

Saturday, November 6th, was an exciting morning for Maricopa’s newest published book author. The Friends of the Maricopa Library hosted a book signing for Shelley Gillespie, longtime feature writer and former Editor for The Communicator.

The signing of Gillespie’s newly published first book, Hiking for the Couch Potato: A Guide for the Exercise-Challenged, began with a brief talk by Gillespie, telling how un-athletic and inept she was at sports throughout her life. She credits her husband Roger with changing her life. “I was a slug,” she stated. Roger convinced her to go from a “slug” and a couch potato to an active (and healthier) person. To her great surprise, it was both easy and fun!

Many of the Friends of the Maricopa Library and others were on hand to purchase books and get a hot-off-the-press autographed copy from the author herself.

If you are one of those “couch potatoes” who lives a sedentary lifestyle, perhaps chained to a desk all week, you might want to get a copy of Hiking for the Couch Potato. Gillespie writes in a very user-friendly style and offers both tips and personal incentives to get up and become active.

The book provides a gentle path for the beginning hiker with an explanation of what hiking is, what you need to do it, and easy ways to get started. For the person who is already an experienced hiker, there is entertaining humor in the personal insights and experiences of the writer.

You can purchase Hiking for the Couch Potato at for $14.95. It is also available in digital format for the Kindle (and Kindle for Blackberry) for only $7.99 and is text-to-speech enabled for those who prefer to listen to their books. You can also purchase it through, which has a link to You might also want to visit Gillespie’s website at, which is a website devoted to travel.

We at The Communicator congratulate co-worker and friend Shelley Gillespie on her writing accomplishment – and hope to read more from her in the future!